The future is unpredictable, but with preparation you can safeguard what matters most to you—whether it's securing your retirement, ensuring your family's well-being, growing your wealth, or anything else.

Let Providence stand by you as your dedicated partner, helping you on your journey toward achieving your goals and shaping a purposeful future.

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Doing more for you and your future.

Let Providence stand by you as your dedicated partner, helping you on your journey toward achieving your goals and shaping a purposeful future.

Doing more for you and your future.


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We understand that every client is unique and has distinct needs, goals, incomes and attitudes towards investing. Our carefully crafted products give you the confidence to select personalised solutions that align with your personal and familial aspirations.

Compass Regular Saving Plan

A straightforward and effective method to prepare for future endeavours such as retirement, education planning, or saving for a home deposit. Our regular saving plan provides a structured approach to saving, which can bring a sense of fulfilment.

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Polaris Portfolio Bond

If you are looking to invest a lump sum, consolidate assets or simply need a portable offshore investment vehicle Polaris Portfolio Bond is designed to maximise the return on your money.

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Whole of Life Policy

Whole of life policy stands as a lasting financial solution, offering guaranteed coverage and a range of benefits for individuals in pursuit of enduring security. Unlike term, a whole of life policy enables you to accumulate guaranteed cash value, providing you with the flexibility to use it as you see fit.

Who should consider whole of life policy?

Whole of life policy is ideal for individuals looking to secure lifelong financial support for their families, ensuring a lasting safety net. It is also beneficial for those engaged in estate planning, capitalising on the country-specific tax advantages and wealth-building potential of the policy's cash value component. This type of policy is also well-suited for individuals who appreciate the flexibility to access guaranteed cash value for various financial needs, including emergencies, education expenses, or supplementing retirement income.

Guaranteed Cash Value

Accumulates guaranteed cash value over time, providing a financial cushion that policyholders can access for various purposes.

Death Benefit

Ensures a guaranteed death benefit, providing your loved ones with a lump sum of money regardless of how long you live.

Explore the benefits and consult with your introducer to tailor a Providence whole of life policy that aligns perfectly with your unique needs and aspirations.

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